Joe Tyler, a former SEAL, works as a contractor for the CIA’s Alpha Squad program in Afghanistan. He is determined to avenge the murder of his brother, killed during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. During a retreat from a disastrous mission, Tyler inadvertently kills a Chinese officer, and Beijing is determined to extract retribution. The CIA sends Tyler’s squad out to Nigeria while they wait for Chinese anger to abate.

The target is a Boko Haram warlord, and from the moment they land in the capital, their troubles start to pile up. The Nigerian officer assigned to assist them is hostile, threatening their operation, and Tyler has a further problem. His girlfriend and young son are in the country, and they have gone missing in Boko Haram territory. Bullet for bullet, he fights desperately to save his family and kill the warlord who threatens to unleash a campaign of rape, pillage, and murder on Nigeria.

Alpha Squad – Hunt for Boko Haram is an incredible story of Africa during the early days of the Boko Haram insurgency. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops series. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, Heroes of Afghanistan, Raider, Echo Six, and Devil's Guard titles.