Weston-super-Mare, a dull, forgotten seaside town, trapped within a lie, the past too shameful, its secrets too cruel.

A haunting ghost story, a thousand years old, chronicles one family - lost within the tragic memories of a hidden murder, caught within the horrors of war, and trapped within their own private hell.

1012 Westin-on-the-Marsh
Steven - unsteady on the barren cliff edge - grasped at the small silver cross hanging at his neck and threw it out towards the heaving seas below.

Reaching for the small leather book in the hidden pocket of his cassock, he turned towards the other man standing just behind.

“There is good and evil in all of us - whether you want to admit it or not. But sometimes the evil is not of our making - the choice, already made!"

Smiling, the other man reached out for the elderly cleric. With the palm of his hand in the flat of Steven’s back, he pushed gently and watched as he fell towards the churning sea and hostile, jagged rocks below.

1940 Weston-super-Mare
Two brothers leave the horrors of the London Blitz. Evacuated to a small seaside town with a strange past, they are sent to stay with the Hastie’s, a family with their own agenda. Whilst there, the boys make a discovery that will never leave them - it will haunt them forever!

2012 Weston-super-Mare
Agnes Allen, a lonely teenager, is sent to stay her aunt and uncle whilst her mother travels to New York on business. She meets Erik, an absent-minded boy, on the beach. As the two begin to explore the strange cliffs and woods surrounding the town, Agnes realises that nothing is what it seems.

And when Agnes begins to have strange, upsetting dreams, she starts to worry. The minute she wakes, the dreams begin to fade, only fragments, partial memories remain. Each night the same voice whispers, “Remember Agnes, you will only find unanswered questions. The more you ask, the less you will know. Agnes - remember...”

Agnes Allen and the Gatekeeper's Children

“The story I am about to tell you is true, it is relentless and never-ending, and as I continue to write - the fear still lingers, still refuses to die, a constant reminder of what remains.

So please - be warned. If you choose to read this - it will disturb your every waking hour, and haunt your deepest dreams. It will never leave you and it will never let you leave!”

Katharine A. Allen age 14