When considering the issue of interracial relationships there still seems to exist a lot of negative opinions. After careful consideration of the outpouring of hate and vitriol found on youtube and other social media websites, there seems to be various arguments that keep coming up to explain interracial relationships in a negative light. These various arguments usually have their main support groups. For example a number of white males say that “black men are only taking out white man’s trash,” or black females will say “he can’t handle a real woman so he is going for these highly domesticated easy white women.” (I’ve heard this one uttered in person) and while this may seem like just the ravings of a mindless racist troll, or an idiot ratchet chick, look closer at what they are saying and you begin to realize that a lot of people share some of the same strong deep seated belief in both white and black communities.
We only need to think a little to see what belief in this theory can lead to; black women who internalize this would in effect be believing that black men view them as worse than trash, black men who share this view may look over potential partners out of fear, or shame. White women that have this view may settle for substandard men; thinking that they can’t get a man of quality, and well, white men may suffer most of all in many an unforeseen way. In the first book we will discuss these issues mainly as they pertain to the white male then in the second we move on to the black female, finishing off in the third by addressing black men and white women. In doing this we are trying to give a different perspective to each viewpoint held, to offer a different perspective on the subject. But not in some boring scholarly talk with stats and graphs or hifalutin words but in a very simple down to earth way with a fresh comedic and entertaining story, that weaves all the points and counterpoints throughout leaving you, the reader to come to your own conclusions at the end. These books, while meant for you to have a great conversation piece or heavy thinking material are first and foremost supposed to be funny and entertaining, so take a load off - don’t get stressed, we just going to have a good laugh at ourselves. So to the PC police leave the guns at the door or don’t come in because we are definitely going to offend a lot of people here today but we don’t care.

This series of books was created hoping to answer questions posed by many people regarding interracial relationship between white women and black men. It focuses on women that are a little heavier than the average.
This first book of the series addresses the assertion put out by a lot of white males, that say black men are taking our left-over trash. It hopes to shine a light on this statement with a story that may be considered offensive by some, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. What is certain is that it is an entertaining, light, fun, and easy read. If you found that it did not offend you and you enjoyed it, then you should check out the rest of the series.
This story shines a light on the statement black women make went they say, that “black men can’t handle a real woman, so they pick up docile white women”. Again, this series may be offensive to some so please be warned!
This story shines a light on the reality of interracial relationships, trying to show that when it comes to love skin color alone is not everything.